¿Qué tiene el Holocausto en común con el cáncer y las compañías de seguros médicas?

Read where to find financial help in the US. Read the sad contradiction that US has the best cancer treatments available unfortunately for un-payable prices.

Do you want to end up like Janet who’s insurance company refuses to give her a cancer screening, knowing that her sister is dying of stage IV advanced adenocarcinoma liver cancer from an unknown primary?

Doesn’t the above remind you of the Holocaust? A situation where some officer handpicked the ones that would go in the line to the gas chamber and those who could walk away from the line?

Now replace Janet’s medical insurance company with officer, and you know nowadays who is deciding over your life when you have cancer or want to prevent yourself from getting cancer…

This is also how we felt when my husband had to aggressively bypass the social worker from father’s family health insurance company: this social worker was clearly trying to spend as little time, energy and money as possible to what he called "helping us following the emancipation strategy".

Which is a complicated way of saying that as long as you can help yourself, your medical insurance won’t move. I mean, what has to happen worse than a person dying from secondary liver cancer before this strategy starts doing anything?

Next time you buy health insurance, do ask them in advance "which strategy" they advocate!

This is what Jim has to say about his son’s medical bills:

The fortunate thing we have here in Australia is that all the treatment for this is at no charge and all of the consultations are at no charge also. We only have to pay a minor amount for the Xeloda and the other drugs: but $55 per month is not much for what you get.

Our father was treated in Europe, Belgium and since he was a palliative patient, also all consultations were at no charge. All medications though had to be paid up front and would be partly (at least for 80%) refunded by the health insurance afterwards.

For all the diagnoses and doctors visits before he was diagnosed with metastatic liver cancer, the state controlled health insurance at least was paying back 80% of the bills.

Think again McCain when you accuse Obama for trying to learn about "the European socialist system"…

Most likely US does have the most advanced cancer treatments on offer worldwide, but what’s the point when you cannot afford to pay for these cancer treatments?

Read Janet’s complete comments at :

Janet is angry for 2 reasons:

you sooner or later get angry when you learn that your loved one has cancer without cancer treatments to cure it
she gets angry because money talks when you try to prevent having cancer

My 56 year old sister who was diagnosed with Stage IV advanced Adenocarcinoma Liver Cancer on September 11, 2008 has tried the 3 named Chemotherapy drugs Avastin, Dosataxol and Gemcitabine(Gemzar) and the cancer she has ate right through the Chemo.

My sister never showed any symptoms of cancer.

Her cancer was found on a CAT Scan when she fell and hurt her side. The scan showed also the top of her liver and that’s where her tumors were.

The nerve block was finally put in this week after 2 months of screaming bloody murder in pain even while taking multitude amounts of pain killers, pain patches, you name it, she was on it for the pain, but the pain persisted.

She had been under the care of several doctors for her high cholesterol drug therapy. Why didn’t they test her liver function while on all those drugs?????

I consulted with my own doctor on this and he explained it to me like this:

Your sister’s cancer is like that of a submarine, it lays low at the bottom undetected, it’s silent and sinister, it attacks and destroys without notice and then it’s too late.

I wish she could have been diagnosed a lot earlier because then we might have had a chance for her, but her doctors have said we don’t know where the cancer originated at. All tests of her other organs and such all came back cancer free.

I asked her doctors if this is hereditary? They said maybe, so I asked should I be tested?

They said good luck, because:

no health insurance company will pay for such a test and
I couldn’t even afford to have one on my own.

So I guess we just have to go through life with a submarine in our bodies without knowing it and wait for it to destroy because when it does, it’s already too late.

I wish I could change the health insurance of this country but I’m only one person and I’m battling with the fact that I have to say good-bye to my big sister.

For the US, read here at the cancer dot org site all you need to know about:

private health insurance
government-funded insurance plans
options if you are uninsured
financial issues
list of states with health insurance risk pools
additional resources

Janet’s doctor is practical when he describes cancer as an unseen submarine sailing in all of us waiting to strike.

Using this metaphor, the best way to prevent the cancer submarine to strike is to make sure your defense will detect it early and effectively.

The first defense you have much before cancer screenings show up is your own immune system. The stronger your immune system, the lesser chance the cancer submarine has to emerge.

Janet’s sister’s immune system was unfortunately already weak since:

she had a high cholesterol and
she was taking drugs to counter the high cholesterol

Having a weaker immune system, her cancer submarine already submerged at the age of 56. Our father’s submarine diagnosed as secondary liver cancer with unknown primary submerged at the age of 75.

Father had high cholesterol when he was in his 40?s, but managed to counter it following a strict, rigorous diet without taking any cholesterol pills.

Unfortunately, father didn’t eat much raw fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetable are 2 main ingredients in keeping your immune system up! How?

Raw fruit and veggies have enzymes to digest your food. Without these enzymes, your body uses enzymes which it finds in your white blood-cells. And you all know, white blood cells are important for your immune system. So in stead of using up these white blood-cells enzymes, use the enzymes you eat consuming fresh fruit en vegetables.

You can read other ways more in detail how you can boost your immune system in the 495 pages rich ebook natural cancer treatments that work. When chemotherapy is in order, you are far closer to success when you boost your immune system as well.

Like Jim – read Jim’s son successful secondary liver cancer treatment – says:

I don’t know but something seems to be working.

Jim’s son is using both chemotherapy and alternative cancer treatments to survive the cancer.

I still find it mind blowing that in the 21st century we can detect what’s happening on Mars. But some cancers just cannot get detected. How to get an effective cancer treatment when:

you don’t know the cause of cancer and
in Janet’s and father’s case: when you don’t even know which cancer you are dealing with?

Since doctors don’t know which primary liver cancer they are trying to kill, they will try the most aggressive chemotherapy first. Father didn’t opt for an aggressive chemotherapy cancer treatment because there was just no guarantee that the chemotherapy would work.

… And do we really need to know what’s happening far away on Mars when we don’t even have something like a global medical insurance on our own planet…?

Janet says she wishes to change the health insurance of this country

but I’m only one person and I’m battling with the fact that I have to say good-bye to my big sister.

This is unfortunately the case with all care-givers: they are just one person and their energy needs to be with the person they love and care for.

So let’s come together and speak out in a loud voice:

we can, but somebody has to do it!

Some countries do have affordable health care insurance for all of their citizens, so it is possible if you have your priorities right.

The main problem with health insurance policies is that they only come in action once you are sick.

The problem with cancer is: once you are sick enough to show cancer symptoms, your cancer is already in such an advanced stage that cancer treatments have a low success rate.

Health care’s answer to this is doing cancer screenings like mammogram and colonoscopy:

both quite costly procedures to
only find a tumor in a more early stage.

Health care insurance doesn’t insure you keeping healthy!

Or in other words: health care doesn’t care about disease prevention much.

How do you take care of your children? You make sure they are well dressed, well fed, go to school the safest way, keep an eye on their friends….

You don’t close your eyes in the morning and just throw them in the middle of town, hoping they will be safe and sound? If need be when the day is over, you will be taking them to a doctor if something wrong happened?

Unfortunately, this is what the big chunk of our health care is doing: closing eyes to our culture of:

eating too much in general,
increasing amounts of sugar in food,
stress at the office

This kind of health care insurance should accurately be named sick care insurance.

Suppose you are the boss of a public or private medical insurance company, you would like to maximize your profits and keep your health customers happy, won’t you?

You would have lots of benefits from your health costumers no to get sick at all. Wouldn’t you be doing all you can to prevent your health costumers to get sick in the first place?

Why is what looks logical to me not applied?

The best health insurance would be an insurance that:

cares for your health and
prevents you from getting sick.

Please leave a comment when you can explain why cancer medical insurance or normal medical insurance doesn’t insure its users to live a healthy lifestyle?